This happened almost three years ago, but I have the email threads. I will check and find out how many cars arrived. They must have had their reasons. Who knows what the neighborhood watch captain actually said to them on the phone. I only know what he said he said, what was related to me. For obvious reasons, I may not know the whole truth of that day. However, I reported faithfully what happened. I find it amazing that people would feel it necessary to call me out on my own experience. Also, we are supposed to be writers here. From a purely writerly point of view, everything is a fiction because everything is filtered through only our own experience. We can only report what happened as it happened to us. This is why siblings often remember family events in startlingly different ways. Yet, no one is lying. It’s why I can write about a former lover and he looks like a monster or any angel depending on what I choose to focus on. However, you’re right. For a story like this, details like the number of cars that arrived are important. Maybe I should have said far more than you would expect for a “robbery.” Someone also called me out on my use of the word “robbery.” That’s how it was told to me, which is why I didn’t change the word to “burglary.” Why would I? This was my account. These comments have gotten me curious. I just might call the department tomorrow and see if I can find out exactly how many patrols arrived. Again, there are reasons that it’s actually believable that this outsize presence would arrive. It makes sense to me based on what I know about what was going on in our part of Oakland in those days, in our police department, and in our neighborhood. However, this was not important to include in the story in my opinion, and that is my choice to make. I’m not sure it matters. Let me just say, it was an overblown and outsized response, and it was a dangerous, unnecessary situation. And yes, why didn’t the neighborhood watch captain know who lived in his neighborhood?

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