I understand and agree with your viewpoint. I wrote this in a fit of … something… I wrote it very quickly. I find/found it fascinating that this post got so much play. It seemed to touch a nerve. I found it slightly disturbing that it’s possibly because it’s so … insensitive… that it got so much. I’m not really sure what to make of that. Some publication recently asked me if they could run it. I said, not until I revise it. But, I haven’t heard back from them. You bet I’m a work in progress, including in empathy and sensitivity. On another note, we all have moments in time where we feel what we feel. This was a moment in time. Not an assessment meant to stand the test of time. Just a reality for that moment. For one individual. Again, that should be made clear. There should be no broad brush strokes with vast claims, as there are in this article.

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