Hi Monty, The police were gone by the time I returned with the boys. They had no interest in speaking to the boys. They probably had a word with the neighborhood watch captain. It was (obviously) wrong for him to use the word “robbery” when he called. I’m certain he did that because the police would not have come if he’d simply called and said he was concerned. As other responders to this article have noted, the Oakland police force is way too busy to come for hunches or suspicions. Something has to actually be going down for them to show up. A few readers have accused me of “hyperbole.” I think the hyperbolic person was probably the neighborhood watch captain when he made that irresponsible call. I’m hope he was corrected by the police department. But, again, I was not privy to certain parts of this story. I could only tell it from my perspective. My children’s father lives elsewhere. I don’t remember what he thought of it. I tend to handle everything. Thank you for reading my work!

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