Hi Danna,

So kind of you to write! Good question… I do think I care for others primarily to avoid myself! And when my daughter goes to college in the fall, I tremble to think how I will be doing… My son said, “Mom, work on yourself. Then you’ll meet a good man.” He’s right, of course. Work on myself, and then lots of things will fall into place. Too bad that’s so hard! I’m pretty undisciplined. I know very well what I “should” be doing… I know the drill. I think avoiding myself is blocking me from writing. Not sure why it feels so hard. Why it brings up so much. But, yes, not having my dad as my purpose affects me, but shortly after I lost him, Luis (“B”) became so sick… so I’ve definitely still be caring for others. My ex, my kids… Thanks for your question and your friendship, Danna. I will think about it… How are you?

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