Great article, Eric. It's important to document this crazy time. I like the way you've telescoped from the personal to the universal (global, national) and back again. And what you say about divorce, freedom, and loneliness... is important. The interplay between and among these things. I get it. Last night, I found myself briefly wishing I had my house to myself so I could make it reflect ME, and only me. But, I quickly let go of that "wish," realizing I'd be unhappy after 48 hours. My problem is different from yours: I don't enjoy solitude, though I need it sometimes. But enforced solitude, yikes! Hang in there. And yes, stay away from the media! It's poisoning my life. I just started a great writing class. So much fun to talk about writing, books, eras... and not about he-who-will-not-be-named.

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