Dear Richard,

First, thank you for your real, thorough, and heart-felt reply. I was moved to receive it. From one writer to another. Thank you. Your words meant the world to me; I read them to my kids. :)

I appreciate your encouragement. You’re so right when you describe the feeling as being liking what I want through a maze of glass. It’s just like that. You get it.

I truly appreciate you going out a limb for me and giving me real feedback on my writing, and I look forward to reading your work (which I will do next). It was kind, courageous, and generous of you.

I appreciate your recommendations of Kafka’s and Gide’s journals. I loved Gide when I was a young lass. Very young. :)

I’m reading a lot of memoir right now — at the moment, Thomas Bernhard (Austrian) and Elie Wiesel which is interesting since their remembering the roughly the same period of time from two very different perspectives.

Thank you for your suggestion of journaling. I’ve been journaling on and off since I was ten years old, but I think there’s a way to take it more seriously. I will look into Kafka’s and Gide’s journals.

Sometimes I use 750 words, an online “Artist’s Way” aid where you write keeping the pen moving (0r fingers flying, as the case may be) for three pages (or 750 words) a la Julia Cameron’s much loved book, The Artist’s Way.

I will think about your provocative questions. Thank you.

— Christy

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