How writing forces you to engage with the world

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I feel better, and I know it’s because I finally broke through the weird, sticky, spiderweb-like material that seems to coat me more deeply with each day that I don’t write.

A couple of days ago, I managed to post to my Substack newsletter. It was a paltry attempt, to…

Find what inspires you, and say yes to life

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I get depressed sometimes, but like a functional alcoholic who keeps going to work until one day they’re whisked from their home in an ambulance feebly insisting it was their pain meds that pushed their liver to the brink, I do okay. I soldier on — mostly keep the house…

Casting about for that elusive ideal

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The truth. The truth. The truth is…, I keep hearing in my mind. The truth is… The truth is, I’m pissed. And by pissed I mean the North American meaning of the word. I’m not drunk (though I may be slightly tipsy from the 10% alcohol sparking wine I opened…

to not say or do anything that will upset my daughter or her girlfriend this weekend

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I’m in the doghouse. That much is clear. But, my daughter opened the door a crack today. I have another chance. I can creep out with my tail between my legs and try again.

When my daughter contacted me today, I was half-sure she was calling to cancel our visit…

It’s got to be. It’s the only word that works.

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I just mmm’d my way through my dinner. I mean, I could not stop saying, mmm. Mmm. Mmm. With every bite, I said, “Mmm.” It felt good. It felt true. I could not help myself. The mmm just emerged, it just came, unbidden.

It added to my enjoyment. …

Or, when to jump ship

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I am driving myself crazy.

On the one hand, I’m this person: A crazy, crazed, restless, excited romantic hell-bent on renting my house and moving to Italy. Where? Who knows? Rome, or somewhere in Abruzzo. These things are fairly arbitrary. Rome because that’s where Jhumpa Lahiri moved, learned Italian, and…

In honor of Nina Simone

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The cat is asking if she can get in my lap, and she most decidedly cannot.

She is getting old, and her meow is almost gone.

I just found myself meowing back at her in a mirror of her own meow-less meow. She liked that. She began purring immediately. And…

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