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That’s what my therapist asked me. I’m embarrassed to say how many years ago. Or how many times he said it. Each time he delivered that question, it gave me pause. I knew it was important.

Did I do anything about it?


The thing is, you have to understand what’s really holding you back. If you’re like me, it’s probably not on the surface.

I can read “Getting Things Done” (which is a great book, by the way) annually or even monthly, and it’s still not going to help me take myself seriously.

Because it’s not the steps that count, but the intention behind the steps. The hunger. Yet, it’s not hunger that I lack either. I want very very much what I want. But I won’t put it out there. If I can’t even put it in a Medium article, how can I ask the universe for it? If lack the backbone to put my dreams in letters on a page, how can I ever set my sights on them? …


Christiana White

I write personal essays about food, travel, love, loss — the viscera of life. Currently at work on a memoir. Visit me at

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